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Top 10 Notorious Killer Roads That You Should Avoid

Roads play an important role is our day to day lives as they offer links to different places.

However, some roads are like time bombs which wait for people to challenge them.

Below are the top 10 notorious killer roads that you should avoid.

10. Trans-Siberian Highway

Along with Australia’s highways and the Trans-Canada highway, the trans-Siberian highway is among the longest highways in the world. To get to St. Petersburg from Vladivostok, the road crosses mountains, forests, deserts and everything in between.

If that is not enough, much of the highway is unpaved and unmarked making it very dangerous for any driver. There also all manner of creatures waiting eagerly for your car to break down. This road is definitely not one of the ideal roads for a casual drive.

9. Karnali Highway, Nepal

Karnali highway is a vital transport link between two regions in Nepal. However, this road is amongthe most notorious ones we have in the entire world and is known to kill about 50 or more people every year.

Initially the road was closed due to landslide caused by heavy monsoon rains, but was finally re-opened 3 months later. Analysis done on the road still shows that it is 85 percent unsafe for any driver using it.

8. Atlantic Road, Norway

Just a simple thought of this particular road is giving me a shiver. The bridge on this road is very steep and at some angles it seems endless. In addition, the harsh weather conditions comes across when driving through this stretch are unimaginable.

On a stormy day, huge waves and gusts of winds crash over the road barricades and hit the unsuspecting vehicles driving through the narrow bridge.

7. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

This is a road is nicknamed “road that doesn’t tolerate any driving mistakes”. Having only thirty windows to give daring road users a peak of the drop just outside and without any barriers, its nickname is definitely on spot.

The road is also dubbed as one of the steepest roads in the entire world and it is so dangerous that most people are allowed to only access it on foot. According to history, it is noted that most of the daring men who dug the road cave windows didn’t survive to use it.

6. James Dalton Highway, Alaska

While most individuals using this road are experienced ice road truckers, it is still very dangerous with accidents and collisions occurring each week.

When traveling on this road, it is highly advisable to bring a survival gear on board as you are not sure when you will reach your destination due to the ice carpeting the road.

5. Federal Highway 1, Mexico

While most of the roads in Mexico are dodgy and the fact that Mexicans do not need to pass a driving test to drive, this makes driving along Mexican highways very dangerous.
In addition to this fact, the federal highway 1 is full of blind corners and without any barriers.

The highway is in a dreadful condition and also requires someone with strong nerves to drive through it. Federal Highway 1 is certainly breathtaking and has a fearsome reputation.

4. Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

From the above list of roads, we clearly see that most of these roads a deemed dangerous because of ice, mountains, poor condition and so on.

However, this is not the case when it comes to Commonwealth Avenue road. Thousands of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists have fallen prey on this road due to its poor drainage system.

3. Stelvio Pass, Italy

This road snakes 9000 feet uphill into the Italian Alps with about 48 sharp turns.

Therefore, do not let the stunning Alpine scenic views distract your driving since many lives have been lost by that simple mistake.

2. Kabul-jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan

Running through the Kabul Gorge, this is road might be the most dangerous road. The road is known to be dominated by the Taliban (a notorious terror group) that strikes most motorists.

Fatal crashes and loss of lives is a daily occurrence on this road so it is probably best to avoid it.

1. Old Yungas Road, Bolivia

Also known as the “Death road”, this road has claimed many lives for the past decade. This single lane dirt road clings to a rock face all the way down, threatening to throw riders off the edge.

However, tourists still jump at any chance they have to experience the road. Some local adventure groups even offer bike rides adventures along this road.