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Some Of The Most Hilarious Car Fails That Broke The Internet

Automobiles are without a doubt one of humanity’s finest creations. After all, where would we be if they didn’t exist? Learning to operate and maintain a vehicle, on the other hand, might be difficult. There are exceptions to the trend, but it’s probably safe to say that the majority of car experts are men. As a result, women and automobiles haven’t always gotten along. Let’s have a look at some of the funniest female vehicle accidents that will make you laugh out loud and wonder, “What happened?!?” We’d love to hear which ones are your favorites at the end of the post!

A Sticky Situation

A basic rule of thumb is that you should avoid driving your costly sports car through the mud. Why are they dressed up for a trip to the mall yet ended up in a muddy area? What were they thinking, exactly?

Bad Hair Day?

Never mind that glass is strewn across the pavement, the automobile is upside down, and there is no hope of it being repaired. The most important thing is that this woman’s hair is flawless at all times!

A Hole New Level

People make mistakes when it comes to maintaining a car or anything car-related. For example, in this photo, the woman is plainly inserting the gas pump in what looks to be the car’s side, indicating that she did not appropriately install the gas pump. You’ll have a hard time filling that up!

Booty Trap

We understand that you want to appear lovely in your high heels and great hair, but in an emergency vehicle situation (like this one), make sure you have spare shoes on hand so you can simply navigate your way out of the predicament. Your boots are nice, but getting that car out of that mudhole is going to take a long time!

Oh No!

This woman knows she’s in trouble based on the expression on her face. Let us now try to figure out how this transpired. It’s possible she forgot to put the car in park, and it then slithered down to collide with the Ford. Yes! Amy, you’re in serious trouble!

Classic Car

The Mercedes Benz is a classic automobile, as we all know. If you have one, you are most likely a member of society’s top crust. This is why you’ll occasionally see women on Instagram posing with any Mercedes they come across on the street. This woman, on the other hand, went it a step further and posed with the Benz in a less-than-traditional manner. This is surely more memorable than the Instagram beauties!

A Photo Op

Any moment is a photo opportunity for this woman, who will share this photo with her TikTok account and 14 faithful followers. I mean, who wouldn’t like this photo? An automobile can easily be seen jammed between the pier and a boat. Is this her way of becoming famous? Who knows what will happen!

Stuck In The Door

This woman is clearly thinking about something. Aside from the fact that she’s on the phone, probably debating whether or not that Starbucks barista was completely into her, her hair is trapped in the door without her realizing it. We hope she doesn’t stay caught in this situation indefinitely!

It Went Down The Lane

Yes, we understand that finding a nice parking spot in a crowded city is nearly impossible. Aside from the fact that you should usually avoid parking near or in a construction zone, you should also avoid parking in an area where cement is slowly hardening unless you want your car to become permanently stuck!

A Good Pink Paint Job

Our personalities are often reflected in our automobiles. Typical “alpha men” frequently drive “macho” vehicles such as a truck or a Ford. Women, on the other hand, may like pink little EV cars as a stereotype. However, they are not always equipped with the knowledge of how to drive or, in this example, park a car appropriately. What a squander of a perfectly nice pink paint job.

Car Pool

Driving a car in severe weather that is prone to flooding is extremely dangerous. Your car can be washed and float away in just three inches of water (not to mention rusting the equipment under your car). Let’s hope this woman gets out of her car and seeks shelter rather than attempting to drive her automobile’s wheels underwater!

Not My Shoes!

What a pity! We’re sure the last thing this person wants is to get sprayed by a random stranger while waiting for a bus in the rain. Worse yet, his fancy streetwear suit and Nike sneakers were soaked!

A Smug Look

We can’t decide which is worse: her smug expression or the state of the car. Some parents would be furious if she crashed the vehicle. Yes, it’s forgivable since at the very least their child is safe. But, after smashing their automobile in their driveway, what parent will be able to forgive that smug look?

Double Trouble

It shouldn’t take two people, much fewer twins, to figure out how to fill up their automobile with gas. Maybe they were preoccupied with the photo op? However, it would have been more realistic if the gas pump had been placed where it should have been, rather than in what looks to be the door handle.

Going Down The Heel

Again, muddy water does not go well with heels, flawless hair, a cool outfit, and a sportscar. You never know when tragedy will strike, so make sure you have an additional pair of shoes and clothes on hand in case you need to do some dirty work to dig yourself out of a jam.

But First, Coffee

If your car is hit by another vehicle, your initial emotion is likely to be shocked, followed by terror, and finally, despair, depending on whether happens first or all three at once. However, we are confident that your response would not be to casually saunter down the street hoping to grab your caffeine fix at Starbucks. Where is the sense of urgency, lady?!

Safety First

When it comes to automobiles, safety is crucial since lives are on the line. When obtaining petrol, it’s a good idea to make sure your car is turned off, parked, and equipped with brakes. If you don’t want an explosion, never fill up the gas tank while the car is running.

Unfortunate Situation

According to our estimates, it will take about 6,356 years for these women to successfully shovel mud out of their vehicle with their hands and drive it back to Los Angeles to shop on Rodeo Drive. Ladies, have fun shopping! You’ll have a hard time finding a store that will allow you to walk in like that. We’re thankful it wasn’t quicksand because otherwise, this would have been an even worse predicament. I’m hoping this wasn’t a rental since I don’t want to find out how much the cleaning cost will be.

Is It Full Yet?

While not certainly done by a woman (why do males always presume the worst in women with cars? ), this is nonetheless a comical snapshot of someone who failed to fill up the gas tank and the gas pump got stuck while they were speeding away. How could one photograph have so many flaws?

Whoopsie Daisy!

The expression “whoopsie daisy” is correct. Never underestimate the power of a small car; they have the might and might of a large truck! The woman’s look is amusing as she realizes that what she towed has caused more damage than she anticipated, owing to her poor driving skills (or lack thereof).

Fast And Curious

Cars, ma’am, do not use Red Bull as a fuel source. They are in desperate need of gasoline. You know, the ones from the petrol station? But, hey, don’t worry about it; she’s certainly already squandered a lot of perfectly fine Red Bull cans!

Slow Down, Nana

The stereotype of old grannies is that they do everything slowly, including driving. This amusing photo demonstrates that this is not always the case. The image depicts a dog with a wide, frightened expression while his owner drives by as if nothing is going to happen. Take it easy!

Where’s My Baggage?

Women are prone to misplacing or forgetting things because of the multiple roles they play and their hectic schedules. This person must have been in a hurry since she not only left her handbag on top of her car, but she also left her grocery bag and coffee behind. We sincerely hope that nothing is misplaced!

That’s Not Right!

When you own a car, you must be familiar with the various car tools and how to utilize them. Please do not, for example, use the water tool from a petrol station to replace the water in your car hood as an improvised (and cheaper!) manner of washing your automobile. Simply put, no.

What Has Happened!

The police are questioning this woman about what happened, which is understandable because it is a very distressing and concerning circumstance. Was she going too fast (in this case, backward)? And got tangled up in the fence? Is it possible that she reversed (aggressively, we assume) and got up in this position by accident? Please clarify, because we all want to know what’s going on!

But First, Selfie

When your car is upside-down in the middle of a city and your belongings are spilling out, you’d think the first thing this woman would do is a phone for help or start gathering up her belongings. It’s the last thing you’d expect her to do is strike a posture and take a picture. But, after all, we never know when an Instagram moment will strike, do we?

Perfect Spot

Finding a nice parking spot in the city center is becoming increasingly difficult and stressful as the population grows. It’s a good thing this woman came up with a clever parking solution – right on the balcony of her apartment. We’re not sure if that’s even legal, and we can’t imagine how tedious it would be to go out every day and go through the motions of parking your car, but at the very least, your car is safe! That is what is important.

Traffic Jam

Clearly, this photo does not necessarily imply that the traffic bottleneck was caused by a woman, but it’s just too funny not to share! Consider how this twisted web was formed by a single tiny car whose driver was unaware of the consequences of their actions. This kind of snarl would take a long time to untangle!

What A Ride

We’re delighted the woman in the photo doesn’t seem to mind that she’s completely covered in muck. In fact, based on her smile, we might conclude she had a great time on that adventurous trip! See? It is possible to have fun while getting down and dirty with your car (literally).