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12 Nov 2022

Rescuers Discovery Of Dog Surrounded By Vultures Leads To A Call For Help

The Rescue party could not believe it when they finally found Rascal deep in the forest, the dog was sitting in a very big open dog cage and was surrounded by at least a dozen black vultures. This was strange in itself but the weirdest thing was there seemed to be no way to get Rascal to move from his position.

Only when they inspected the scene closely did they finally realize why this was the case…

Not wanting to move

Even when the group had managed to pick Rascal up and away from the cage, did he immediately return to it the moment he got the chance. There was something that was just drawing the dog’s attention so strongly and the group had to figure out what it was…

Looking in the cage

It was not easy, but the leader of the group, Matt, finally managed to get a look into the cage that Rascal was sitting in front of and it was only then that he realized what was actually going on here. Now it was starting to make sense to him.

Rescuing Rascal

It took a lot of effort, but they eventually managed to get rascal out of there. But they did up taking the cage with them and in turn the vultures as well…

But why did rascal not want to move from his spot? What was in the old cage deep in the forest and why were the vultures surrounding it?

The stray dog

Rascal, Mirjam’s beloved dog, caused a commotion in his owner’s home by leaving for the forest unaware. After about 2 days of Rascal’s mysterious disappearance, Mirjam had no option but to seek the help of her town’s residents to help search for the dog. Mirjam was so desperate to find her dog that she purposed to do her best so Rascal can return back home.

The search

After much persuasion from Mirjam, everybody in the town decided to go on a search hunt for Rascal. Unfortunately, after long hours of searching, no one found a trace of the dog. As a result of the vastness of the forest, the search looked unending and the people began to lose hope as their search for hours seemed in vain.

Mirjam in despair

In no time, the discouragement on some of the search party’s faces began to dishearten Mirjam that she began to wonder if her dog would ever be found. At the point when Mirjam was about to give up completely, she came across a group of the search party made up of some of her closest friends.

Positive energy

Mirjam’s friends tried to encourage her and expressed their enthusiasm about the search. They reminded her that they had packed up supplies that would last them for at least a week. They mentioned that they were as concerned as Mirjam was and so all that mattered was finding Rascal even if it meant going deeper into the forest.

A glimpse of hope

The search party kept up with the search, fortunately, after about 2 days, they came across some tracks and indications of Rascal’s movement in the forest. Their hope was reignited when they found footprints and some fur. But they wondered how long their evidence had been in the forest.

Many thoughts

The group tried not to be overjoyed by the pieces of evidence they saw but at the same time, they tried to be optimistic. So, they thought of the evidence as witnesses that they were on the right track to finding Rascal. Since they knew how much Mirjam is fond of her dog, they hoped to find him alive.

Increased effort

The group doubled their effort and continued the search for hours. The further they went, the deeper they got into the forest. Before they realized they had gotten to parts of the forest that were less traveled by humans. This part of the forest barely had anything manmade.

All hope seemed lost

By the third day of the search, the rescuers began to rethink their possibility of finding him. They felt the forest had enough predators which could have caused harm to Rascal. The raging thoughts began to reduce their strength and willingness to continue the search. They all felt they were almost at their breakpoint.

Yet another ray of hope

On the same third day of the search, the group got another indication they needed to know the next route to take. Rather than being a neutral indication, the sign they saw signified a bad omen. The group came across black vultures that were moving in a circular motion above a particular spot in the forest.

The bad omen

At the sight of the vultures, the group knew there was most likely a dead animal around that had called for the attention of the carcass-eating birds. They hoped the dead animal was a deer and not their much loved Rascal. At the same time, they felt Rascal must have been lured by the same dead animal that attracted the vultures.

Heightened curiosity

The group was very curious to know what was happening because of the many thoughts that were going through their minds. By the time they got to the scene, they were shocked by their discovery. At the scene, they saw about a dozen black vultures with no sight of a dead deer or anything dead.

Their finding

With much curiosity, the group was determined to uncover the happenings at the scene. The search group looked intently and soon they sighted a big old white dog cage on the spot. At their new discovery, they were left wondering how such a thing could have been found in a deep forest.

They didn’t think too much of the old dog cage they saw because in front of the mysterious cage was Rascal. They heaved a sigh of relief after about three days of rigorous search. Rascal was found sitting calmly in the middle of the dozen of black vultures they had earlier sighted.


Rascal showed no sign of concern about the vultures he was surrounded with. So, the group tried scaring off the vultures to approach the dog. Surprisingly, the group noticed as they moved closer to the birds, that the vultures showed no sign of fear. Instead, they were ready to attack the group.

The attack

Before the rescuers could blink their eyes, the vultures had turned against them, flying their beaks and claws in the group’s direction. In fear of losing their eye or damaging a part of their bodies, the people ran back to a safer distance. They were so afraid of the happening that they panted heavily.

The unconcerned Rascal

While the back and forth was going on between the vultures and the rescuers, Rascal sat down calmly in the cage and watched everything unfold before him. The people were amazed at Rascal’s undisturbed disposition to the situation of things. In spite of the surprises and unexpected happenings, the group was determined to gain access to the dog.

The pungent canned food

The rescuers realized they needed a new approach to getting Rascal’s attention. With their determination, they got another idea in no time. A member of the group reminded them of Rascal’s favorite canned food they had brought along on the search. With the enticing smell that filled the atmosphere when they opened the canned food, they were almost certain they would get Rascal’s attention.

Dashed hope

To their greatest surprise, Rascal remained where he was even after smelling his most loved food. This made a well of discouragement rise up in the hearts of the group. All their hope of the dog running towards them after smelling the food was dashed. But, they noticed the smell caught some other attention.

Danger was looming

The group realized the smell of the food was attracting the attention of some other animals in the forest, as it suddenly occurred to them that the longer they had the can open, the more they saw animals like birds popped out of the bush. Out of paranoia, the group began to hear the howling of wolves.

Change of strategy

With great fear in the air, they decided to close the can as they didn’t want to attract many terrible animals that could harm them. They had no other option than to come up with another strategy to get Rascal’s attention. Luckily for them, Matt, the unofficial leader of the group soon came up with another idea.

The toss

Without wasting much time, Matt executed the strategy. He took the can of food and threw it a few meters away from where Rascal was sitting. The action didn’t catch Rascal’s attention as they expected. But, thankfully, it caught the vultures’ attention and they flew towards it at high speed. Matt heaved a sigh of relief as he finally got a chance to approach Rascal.

Rushing to pick up Rascal

Now that the vultures were finally gone, it was safe enough to run to Rascal. As time was running out because the vultures would be probably back in seconds, he ran at a fast pace to Rascal, picked him up, and ran back to their hiding spot.

Not expected

Matt thought he had succeeded in saving Rascal, but this would turn out to be very far from the truth as Rascal was not going to be taken away willingly. Where he had actually expected that the dog would be very happy to have human contact again, it turned out to be the opposite…

Matt needs help

The dog became very aggressive and even tried to bite Matt’s arm. In the end, help from two other men was needed to keep the dog calm. When they finally got it done, they already had something else to deal with.

Finished eating

By this point, the vultures had finished the cans of food and had noticed that Rascal was no longer in the cage anymore. Matt and the others hoped that the vultures didn’t care about the dog and only cared about the spot. But as you can probably expect, this was not the case.

Swarm of vultures

The vultures flew in a large swarm towards the group. They were screeching and seemingly ready to peck their eyes out if needed. Matt had to think quickly but he knew that he did have many options here. Without knowing if he made the right choice, he made a painful decision.

What to do?

In fact, there was no other option than to put Rascal on the ground. If they were to run with the aggressive Rascal, either the dog would escape or the vultures would catch up to them really quickly.
There was an option that they might fight off the vultures, but there were also risks involved.

Running back

Before the birds had gotten to them, Matt decided to let go of Rascal. When the dog landed on the ground it immediately ran back to the white cage and sat down in the exact same spot they found it. When Matt took a closer look, he saw that the vultures weren’t actually following them at all, but were gathering around the cage again.

Confusing scene

The group was stunned. It had already all seemed like a very confusing scene but what had just happened only raised more questions. What’s so special about that cage that it attracted all those vultures?

But the main question was still how were they going to get Rascal out of here?

Getting dark

Matt thought it would probably be better if they waited for a bit in the exact same spot they were right now. It would soon be nightfall and maybe this would change the situation. Rascal would fall to sleep at some point and he couldn’t imagen that these vultures would stick around all night.

Keeping watch

As night started to fall, Matt and the group decided to build a campfire. Since they had all had a very long day, they decided to take turns keeping watch. In this way, there was always someone who could keep an eye on Rascal and see if the vultures would go away.

Rascal falls asleep

Matt’s prediction was right and it wouldn’t take long before Rascal would fall asleep. He’d crawled a little deeper into his cage and put his head down. The vultures were a different story. Where Matt was right about the dog, he was wrong about the vultures. The exact opposite happened…

Active by night

The vultures just started to become more active at night. The only luck was that they didn’t necessarily stay at the cage, but went a little higher up in the trees nearby. Matt thought they were most likely looking for food, but someone from the group said that vultures don’t hunt at night at all.

Losing interest

It seemed like they were kind of losing interest in the cage and rascal. Maybe because the dog was now asleep or maybe because they were getting too tired themselves to stick around.

Whatever it might be, it did present opportunities for the rescue operation.

Waiting for the perfect moment

Matt and one other member of the group made sure they were ready for the perfect moment. They had two cans of food ready to toss a bit further from the cage so that they could clear a path between the vultures and Rascal.

Distracting the vultures

When there were only a few vultures remaining around the cage, they decided this was the best opportunity they were going to get. They opened the cans of food and tossed them on either side as far away from the cage as possible. “It’s now or never”, Matt whispered.

Going to the cage

As before, the vultures rushed toward the cans, and also some of the birds which had just flown away came rushing back towards the cans. The vultures began to eat head over heels and only had eyes for the food.

The pair quickly but silently made their way toward the cage…

Grabbing the cage

Matt silently closed the cage door and lifted the cage up, all without waking up the sleeping Rascal. In the meantime, the group had already picked up their belongings and were ready to get out of there when Matt came back to their camp spot.

Being aware of the route to take

They made a clear division of tasks so that everyone would return as quickly and safely as possible. They were well prepared and had a compass and map to find their way back. Since it was still quite dark, it was too difficult to recognize the route. They also send a message to Mirjam, but she was most likely still asleep.

Not being chased

They had made it out of there in time probability and up until the sun started to come up again, the journey back was quite uneventful. Fortunately for the group, they were not chased by the vultures who seemed very interested in the cage. So, what was actually inside of the cage?

Not aggressive

With the sun peeking through the cage door, Rascal woke up and realized that something was happening. They felt him move around but he did not seem to be aggressive as before. How could that be? Could it have something to do with the fact that he was now in his ‘safe’ cage?

He’s not alone

Now that it was light and they were away from all the vultures, they could finally get a good look at both Rascal and the cage. They took him out of the cage and inspected him for any wounds. He immediately became stressed again and seemed to want to go back to the cage. When they looked more closely into the cage, they saw some movement…

Baby raccoons

In the back of the cage, Matt saw some furry critters. He immediately thought of puppies, but when he looked more closely, he saw that they were some baby raccoons! Had Rascal been protecting these animals from the vultures? Was that the reason why he had not wanted to leave the cage?

They made it back to town

After a long journey, the group finally arrived in the town. On the one hand, they were happy to be able to bring Rascal back to Mirjam, but they were also afraid of having to separate the dog from his new friends.

Luckily, this would turn out to not even be necessary!


Mirjam was very happy to see her beloved dog again and hugged him for a long period of time. Tears streamed down her cheeks. When Matt told her about the baby raccoons, she couldn’t believe her ears. Since she is a big animal lover, she wanted to see how things would go.

Staying all together

With some advice and help from the local vet, she was able to keep the baby raccoons and is now raising them together with Rascal. She can still not thank Matt and her other friends enough for all their help.