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Everyone Was Told Not To Touch This Frozen Dog – But Then One Man Did Not Listen

When Darius and his family come across an old house during a forest walk in the snowfall, his youngest son Marcus notices that there is a little dog in the garden. When Darius wants to jump the fence to get to it, a voice coming from inside the house yells at him to get lost. But Darius was not planning on listening to it.

But when he gets to the dog and sees what is below it, he wishes that he had listened to the warning…

Getting to the dog

Even though the voice from the house was screaming at Darius and his family to go away, he could not leave this poor dog out there in the cold. He had to do something. Against his better judgment, he jumped the fence leaving his scared family on the other side and everyone wondering just what was going on…

Trying to pick it up

When he finally made his way to the poor little dog, it was barely moving, but still looked like it was in very good condition. Darius tried to pet it a bit and it was ice-cold to the touch. Very carefully he tried to pick it up, but this was harder than expected. And then he noticed what was below it.

Below the animal

Darius nearly dropped the animal out of pure shock. He could barely believe it. What the hell was going on here? He was completely stunned by what he saw and wasn’t entirely sure what he should do next. Should he continue trying to move the dog? Or should he stop what he was doing and get out of there quickly?

But what did Darius find under the snow-covered dog? Why was it outside in these terribly cold conditions and why did it barely seem to affect the animal?

The dog is outside.

Even if it was summer or fall, people were walking past the old house, and no one ever thought about the cute little dog chilling in the garden. They just assumed that he liked to stay outside and play. Many dogs in the neighborhood were outside and they were playing with each other. But this dog was different, he was alone every day.

The house was remote.

As the house was fairly remote, nobody passed the house every single day, so nobody realized that the animals were in the same place all the time. The thought that they were just all together outside playing and lying in the sun. It was really normal for a dog to like the hot weather and the sun but what happened in the winter?

The weather turned to the worst.

Then the weather started to take a turn to the worst and it was getting colder and colder every day. People started to get truly worried for the little dog being outside. They couldn’t think of any good reason that someone could let a little dog outside alone in that weather. Another bad thing was that he had no dog house or anything to protect himself.

Some people tried to pet him.

From time to time, some people tried to pet him and lure him to the edge of the fence, but the animal was always just lying at that specific place in the yard. And may this already sound concerning now, it did not seem like this all the time. Many people saw the dog running and playing alone and some others had pet him once in a while.

The dog looked healthy.

The dog had always looked healthy, well-fed, and even had his coat of fur neatly up kept. People had no doubts that his owner took care of the dog. All they were worried about was the dog being outside in the cold all the time. The dog looked sad and quiet, but no one did anything about this.

No one could enter the yard.

One day some passersby considered climbing over the low fence and giving the owner of the house a piece of their mind. But this was still rural America and the sign with “Trespassers will be short on sight” could very well not be an empty promise. So it was difficult for anyone to help this poor dog.

Fewer people were passing by.

As the time passed, the temperature started to fall even further, and thus concerns over the health of the dog that was always outside should have started to rise. A lot fewer people were starting to pass by the house. The dog was there, day and night at the exact same spot but the cold was implacable.

The snow started to fall.

Most of the people passed by the house, in order to get to the forest for a nice hike, and this was a lot less appealing when you were freezing your fingers off. And after a while, the first snow started to fall. But the dog was still outside, there was nobody that could help him or give him something to protect himself from the snow.

The dog was alone.

For a couple of weeks, nobody passed by the house where the dog was laying in the garden. People stayed in their homes close to the fire as the temperature was dropping far below freezing. No one seemed to want to venture out into the cold to see what was happening in the neighborhood. Nobody except one family. There was one family that truly cared for this dog.

The Thompson family.

The Thompson family had been in a great mood ever since the first snowflakes had started to fall and they were making optimal use of the opportunity. They loved this weather because they were able to build snowmen, go sledding, and do other activities that anyone could do in snowy weather. It was their favorite time of the year.

They took a long walk.

So one day they decided to take a long walk in the forest. It was a day in which the snowfall was minimal and the cold was tolerable. So they wore some warm clothes and went on their way. They enjoyed walking in the snow and admiring the snowy scenery. As a family they loved animals but they never heard about this dog.

Their first walk to that path.

They had not even taken this path before as the forest hike in the summertime or wintertime had not sounded appealing to them at all, so the family was not that familiar with the old house and the dog in the backyard. So that day would be the first time that they would meet the cute dog.

They didn’t see it at first.

The first time that they passed the place, they almost missed the little dog completely. The whole garden in the front yard was covered with a thin layer of snow and it was hard to distinguish what was below it. But the dog was there, outside sitting at the same spot in the snow. He didn’t move at all.

Marcus saw the dog.

The person that saw the dog was Marcus, the youngest member of the family. He had been keeping a close eye on the house as he had not expected to see it here. Marcus loved animals and especially dogs, so he was really excited when he noticed the cute dog. He wanted to take a closer look right away.

He saw something moving.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw something moving in the garden, a very faint movement, but immediately caught his attention. His eyes went wide when he saw what caused it. It was not that easy to see this dog among all the snow so when the boy saw him was really impressed.

The dad saw him.

Immediately, he started to shout to his dad, who was nearby “Dad, dad there is a dog in the garden”. His father, named Darius, with a look of pure confusion, looked where his son was pointing and he immediately saw the dog as well. He was really confused at first because he didn’t expect to see a dog outside.

The dog looks good.

Below the snow, there was the dog. And unknown to the family at that time, it was still in the same spot it had always been. And even if it was snowing and the temperature was under zero, the dog was still looking in as good of a condition as before. The dog looked to be happy and carefree, so the family didn’t consider anything weird.

They wanted to save the dog.

The snow did not seem to bother the animal and actually, if you looked at the dog closer, you could see that he was relaxed. Darius knew that this could simply not be the case. Even if the animal was not there for a long time, it could freeze to death if they didn’t take action. Darius loved dogs as well and he couldn’t let this dog alone.

Darius decision.

Darius, at that exact moment, made a really serious decision. Without any hesitation, ignoring the shoot-on-sight sign, Darius attempted to jump over the fence. The second he even put his hand on the fence, a loud voice emerged from the old house. Darius felt a little terrified because he knew that what he was doing was illegal.

The threat.

The man inside the house shouted to him “Get off the property now or you will be shot”. Darius froze for a second and pulled his hand back. He thought that there was someone who looked at them from inside the house. He didn’t know what to do or what to say, should he leave the poor animal outside or do something now?

 He started yelling back.

So he decided to yell at him back that whoever was threatening him should come to get the poor dog out of the freezing cold or else he would call animal protection. But when he told all that, he had no response. Now he was in a big dilemma about what was the right thing for him to do. Maybe the man from inside the house was crazy or something.

Was he going to take the risk of being shot right here just because he wanted to save a dog? That just seemed crazy to him. But just leaving this puppy behind to die was something he could not live with. There had to be something that he could do in order to protect both of them, right?

He quickly came up with a plan right then and there and gestured for his family to follow his lead. He yelled at the house that they were going to leave and they continued walking into the forest. They knew what they had to do in order to save the poor dog without putting his family at risk.

But when they got out of direct sight of the house, Darius turned around. He told his family to wait right there while he was going to try and find a way around the house so maybe he could get into the back. He had to do something. There was no way he could forget about that poor dog.

He was sneaking around on his knees, taking cover behind the snow-covered bushes. He got closer and closer to the house till he ended up sitting against the back of it. And beside him was a door. This was the only option and the only way he was going to get in. But was it a good idea to enter?

As silently as possible, Darius put his hand on the door handle and tried to pull it down. To his great surprise, the door actually opened up! But was he actually going to go in? He wasn’t entirely sure at this point and didn’t want to make the wrong decision and put himself in serious danger.

He managed to open the door without making any sound so he was pretty confident whoever was inside did not hear a thing, as he also did not hear anybody yelling at him. There was no telling how far he would be able to get without making a sound though. And he had no excuse for being inside.

Darius knew this was a dumb idea but he had gotten so far now that he did not just want to give up. He was determined to do something, no matter how foolish it might seem. He took a deep breath and snuck through the open door, which he quickly closed behind him again.

The house was very dark and quiet. Darius stupidly had left his phone in his wife’s bag so he also had no flashlight to look around. But maybe that was for the best as it also meant nobody could spot him sneaking around. There had to be something around him, and someone. But he wasn’t sure who or where. He would have to explore.

He slowly and mostly by feel started searching for the stairs to the second floor. It was obvious that nobody was on this floor. You could not even see through the closed windows so he could have never been spotted from here. That meant whoever was inside had to be on the second floor instead.

But when he finally found the stairs and started making his way up, he noticed that there was still not the faintest sliver of light anywhere. He came to a surprising conclusion on the second floor. But just what was it that he was starting to realize as he crept slowly along? Well, the second floor felt a whole lot like the first.

Here also all the windows were closed and he was almost sure by this point that nobody was home. If they were they would have to be sitting in the dark, and that didn’t make any sense at all when it was so bright outside. So who could have yelled at him a moment ago? Could it be that that was prerecorded or something?

But whatever it was did not really matter right now. Now that Darius knew that he was in no danger of being shot, he could safely make his way to the dog in the garden! Checking inside the house had been just a way to ensure that he was safe and he could take care of the poor dog. No more worry about himself or his family.

Darius quickly made his way out of the backdoor of the house again and ran around the building. He wasn’t going to try going in through the back if he didn’t have to. He could go through the front, closer to the dog. He tried to jump over the fence into the front garden again, only to be greeted by a familiar voice.

“Get off the property now or you will be shot”. It was again immediately after he touched the fence and in the exact same tone of voice. Now Darius was even more sure. This had to be a recording. He felt pretty comfortable with his decision now, because there couldn’t possibly be anyone inside the house with a gun.

With full confidence, Darius jumped over the fence and approached the still fairly moving dog. It was still in the exact same place and position as before. As it had been for so long. Now he was finally able to take care of the poor dog and get it inside and out of the cold. He would take it home with him.

Darius figured that there was not a moment to lose. Even if the message in the house was just a recording he didn’t want to be here in case someone did show up. So he got down on his knees, put his arms around the dog, and tried to pull it off the ground.

He wanted to the poor animal to his family so that they could together bring it to the vet and have it checked out. Maybe they were not too late. Maybe the poor little dog could be saved and their family could take care of it instead of whoever lived here and left the dog outside all the time. But then Darius noticed something.

It seemed like the dog, which stopped moving completely when Darius had picked it up, was stuck by something. After a few gentle attempts at lifting it higher, Darius decided to give it one more shot and lifted with all he could. He couldn’t see a chain or anything around the dog, so it had to be something else.

The dog suddenly came loose and Darius flew backward. When he got up and looked at what had been holding the dog in place, he could barely believe what he was seeing. He was stunned by the sight of it, and the dog that had flown out of his arms as well. Was this really what all of it had been about?

There were electricity cables that had apparently just come loose. And when he looked at the bottom of the dog, he saw that they had actually come from his “belly”. This is not a dog; this is a robot! Darius was surprised and had no idea what this could possibly mean. A robot dog in the front yard?

Not knowing what to do now, Darius ended up calling the police. He was hoping that they would be able to give him some more information as to what the hell was happening here. And maybe then he would understand why there was a robot dog sitting in the front of this abandoned house.

What ended up being the situation was that there used to live an old and very secluded man here. He always loved animals but got to a point where he was no longer able to take care of them. Even still, he wanted to have animals, and especially dogs, around him for the rest of his life.

His whole house was full-on robotic animals and the dog outside was one of them. But when he passed away, these animals just stayed behind to move by themselves until the power would be cut off to the house. The old man didn’t have any relatives that had come forward to take the animals so they ended up staying.

The police ended up closing the house down and having the power cut off. The family was also informed that they could claim ownership of the place, but nobody ever came forward. They didn’t seem to care as much as the old man did. And instead continued on with their lives as before, ignoring it all.

Now the house is mostly a place of legend and most of the electronic animals have been stolen by the youth of the nearby city, leaving behind a shell of a house as the last memory of an old man that really loved animals. And a few interesting stories for families like Darius’ who tried to save the ‘poor animals’ there.
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.